bitter greens grilled cheese & a cocktail


Tiny beaded rosettes of weedy bittercress (Cardamine oligosperma) appear first thing each spring alongside mighty toothed dandelion greens. Within days, the untended garden pops alive with yellow and white flowers.

Bittercress quickly bolts with slender siliques reaching toward the sun, ready to shoot.

My fingertips gently tickle the tops and I hear the seeds burst forth and fly through the air like little rockets.

I pull them from the ground and think of lunch…


 I cut the roots and wash the dirt from the greens.

Bitter weeds on grilled cheese?

Oh, yes.

A few dandelion flowerheads too?

Why not?


I use the most sour sourdough, sharpest cheddar, and freshest butter possible.

Crack black peppercorns over the cheese and then layer on the greens.

Grill and flip over medium-high heat.

Grill and flip until crisped and golden.




And…a little something bubbly to cleanse the palate between each buttery, cheesy, salty bite:




Champagne Cocktail

Drop 1 sugar cube in the bottom of a flute

Two drops of Angostura bitters

1/2 oz cognac

Top with bubbly

The sugar cube will slowly dissolve and dazzle with long-lasting effervescence.

Cheers to spring!



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