farmers market haul #3

Farmers Market Haul by Salt+Fat+Whiskey


Fall roots are being dug and admired as the cooler weather teeters between warm enough and freezing. Parsnips roasted in the oven or puréed into soup has become an annual infatuation for me. Their smooth, sweet, aromatic starchiness is like some kind of love affair between a carrot and a potato, but somehow even more delicious. I picked out my first rutabaga to cook up and have been researching some fun preparations for it. How do you like them? Any tips? It’s really exciting to see locally grown fresh ginger and turmeric roots though! I’ll be making another batch of Fire Cider with them, and maybe some carrot ginger soup too.


What’s in the basket?

Sourdough Loaf

Fingerling Sweet Potatoes


Organic Ground Beef from Deck Family Farms

Turmeric Root

Ginger Root



Dakota Black Heirloom Popcorn

Mixed Apple Basket



Pimiento Peppers


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