I swam in the Gulf of Mexico shallows, barely out of diapers with my parents on the shore, giggling in the rolling surf and gulping mouthfuls of pure salty ocean water while learning the rhythms of the waves.

This is my first flavor memory.

Salt is transformative. It has the power to develop complex flavors that will otherwise remain dormant, despite hard work and inspiration. It is the magic key needed to unlock potential. If you want to enjoy what you’re eating, you must salt your food properly.

Quality, of course, is an important consideration. Like that first mouthful of sea water, tasting salt direct from its ancient source changes you. Eating too much processed table salt has been linked with serious health issues, but the human body does need salt to function and thrive. Switching to pure, trace mineral rich salts (often marketed as “gourmet salt”) is crucial for maintaining good health…as well as guaranteeing divine tastiness.

Here are my favorites to have on hand:


Himalayan Pink Salt



Pink Rose Salt

rose pink salt


Red Alaea Salt



Black Lava Salt



Smoked Sea Salt



Coarse & Fine Sea Salt






If you’d like more information about these gorgeously delicious and healthful salts, simply click on a photo to learn more.


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